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To the liars and the sluts

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X Thick As Blood X

A Miami All Straight edge band
We play a mix of enough oldschool hardcore and newschool hardcore to keep yo ass up on the dance flooooooo all night long.
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ok,not that i care much,but i just wanna know,when did this band start,and where'd you get the name?
the name is a black my heart song.... idk if thats where they got it from, but its kinda funny but kinda sad.
yeah i know the song,thats where this community's name was taken,not to mention the actual crew as well...but hey,it's all good,i myself will support this band and whatever it is they have to offer,same for the actual TAB-crew,and hopefully this community as well
whoa whoa whoa. i never know TAB was thick as blood or that there was a real TAB CREW.

but my heart is an amazing band. i met them at a show and they were cool guys, and we got to talking, and on their eulogy tour they shouted me out and are going to do so on their full length in december. great band, great songs, great guys.
yeah,the real TABcrew is me,amerikas,and our friend Claudio,we started it,and decided to make a community for fun.

black my heart is good,they came down in febuary,but unfortunetly i didnt get to see them since i was stuck at work,but they said on their site/myspace account that they had alot of fun playing miami,although only 30 people showed up.
oh,also,its good to see someone else post besides me,this shit is dying
communities tend to do that
xthisasbloodx came to be around the same time this comm started "this one not the last one"............dont think they copied you guys or w/e