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1.Who are you? Lyndsey

2.Where are you from? Cocoa Beach, but I was born in Hialeah and still have a crapload of family down there

3.How old are you? 17... 18 on oct. 4

4.Favorite bands. Daughters, The Blood Brothers, The Black Dahlia Murder, Mastodon, Rhapsody, Shai Hulud, Give Up The Ghost...

5.Last show you attended/wanted to attend? youtragedy with one dead three wounded and some other bands i've forgetten the names of... twas a good time

6.Favorite Movies and Authors. Movies - Memento, Amelie, American History X. Author - Hunter S. Thompson.

7.How did you find out about T.A.B.? post in fuckyouimfromfl

8.Why do you want to join T.A.B.?(Optional) I'm always down in Miami for shows and it'd be cool to know some locals when I went.

9.Please provide Pictures if you can

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